Friday, March 25, 2016

First Week in the MTC! 3/24/16

"The District" in front of the Provo Temple
Anziano Ridd is 3rd from the left; Anziano Boscan is to his right
Anziano Boscan & Anziano Ridd
Hey Fam,
I love all the notes and packages from y’all! It’s super nice, but I think my district is jealous of my loving mom. Ok, anyways -

So the MTC is super busy, and it’s nice - and sometimes not nice - because of it. My comp (Anziano Boscan) and I get along very well. He is smart and willing to work hard. He also speaks Spanish; that’s a plus. I started to teach on the third day and honestly it’s going well. I speak so much more and better than I thought, and now since it's been a week, I feel pretty confident I’ll be half-decent when I leave for Italy in 5 more weeks. My district is super chill and we all get along well. As district leader I take charge in like almost all responsibilities - like getting mail, leading meetings and assigning prayers. My comp is the zone leader with Anziano Hansen. Anyways, the MTC has been great. I have no complaints.

On Sunday we did the Provo Temple Dedication and that was super cool. I had never been to one before so it was awesome to see. My whole district is in the MTC choir, because it’s huge and I’m hoping to get into General Conference Priesthood session if they ask us. Crossing fingers.

Anyways I’m fine and I enjoy it. I’ll send pics. 

Love all of y’all! 

Ciao-dy! (pronounced Howdy with "Ciao")
Anziano Ridd
Sister Missionaries in the District 
Dinner at the MTC

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