Monday, April 24, 2017

The Italian Talent - 4/24/17

The ward talent show
7 kilo porchetta (delicious Italian pork) 

Good morning fam!

This week was dang busy and super enjoyable.

We will start with the people highlights. MN, the Albanian investigator we have, is a gem. The guy is doing all he needs to right now, reading, praying, and coming to church whenever it is possible. He is learning well and willing to meet with us about twice a week. I love MN; he is such a great guy. Then there is MO; he is a new investigator that we met on a metro (like normal). He speaks perfect English and actually has been translating for his church from English to Italian. He was so excited to hear about the “restored gospel.” Then I met a guy that was literally searching for the truth. His name was RW and he is so excited to get a Book of Mormon. This week was awesome for meeting people on public transportation.

Then last Saturday we had a big talent show in church. It was super fun and the members loved it. Of course, at the end we had a ton of food, including a 7 kilo porchetta. Sooo delicious. My favorite talent was by one of the sisters in the ward. She went up there and taught us how to make a pasta. It's was one of those "Only in Italy" moments - hahaha.

Sunday was pretty good. I gave a talk this week on missionary work, but a based a ton of it off of a talk from Anziano Hales. It's the October 2012 talk called "Being A More Christian Christian." I recommend everyone to give that a good read; it is amazing. (To read or listen to this talk, click here). It was cool - in part of the talk I quoted our Mission President...and this week he was in our Sacrament meeting. That doesn't happen too often.

Today we played zone calcio. Turned out that Anziano Bourne and I were the only ones from our zone, and the rest were from Rome East. It was a ton of fun.

I love you all. Thanks for all the support!

Anziano Ridd

Anziano Ridd and Anziano Youngblood

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