Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Labor Day! 5/1/17

Failed gelato run

Ward BBQ at the park

Hey fam! 

Today is Liberation Day! It's also the day we get our transfer calls. Liberare in Italian mean "to rid!"  Today is also the day that Rome gets to see if they get rid of Anziano Ridd.***

With that being said, the week flew by like a bullet. We were so busy the whole time and saw a lot of cool things. Cool things meaning... new investigators and people who are awesome.

I'll jump into metro miracles for the week. For those who asked me, yes, we find 80% of the people on metros who are new investigators. So - JS. He is a great guy from Nigeria who was living in Pescara, a city on the east coast of Italy. We saw him on the metro and he told us he was a member. Wow, right? So we scheduled to meet with him, and when we did, we discovered he is NOT a member YET. He hasn't been baptized but assumed he is a member because he came to church for a long bit. He also said he needs to study it out to be sure he wants to join the church, because when he does he will never go back on his decision.

Then we met AL. He is the brother of MO from the other week. We found him alone on a metro, and as we were talking with him, we discovered he and MO had the same last name. What gave it away is when he spoke English with the same accent, hahaha. So we are planning on meeting him next week too.

Oh and I got to do a scambio on Saturday with my MTC companion, Anziano Boscán.

Sunday was pretty cool. There were three return missionaries that came back to visit:  Anziano Da Ponte, Anziano Blazzard, and Sorella Mika (used to be Gates). That was super cool because after church we had a "Linger Longer" and ate food with the whole ward. We also had two new investigators on church from Egypt. They are really cool and strong Christians.

This morning for Pday we tried to go to the Gelato Festival, but it opens at 2:00...and we have plans to get lunch with the ward at a park for Labor Day. So we said forget it.

Then I had one of my favorite Pdays ever, because we had a ward BBQ at the park. We ate, chatted, joked, and played games. It was so fun. I love these people with all my heart, and for their sake I need to declare that ROME 3 IS THE BEST WARD IN THE WORLD.  Si sta bene qua.

Anyways it was a great week. Next week I'll tell you where I am writing from!

Anziano Ridd

*** I totally thought it was Liberation Day today...apparently that
was last week and this week it’s Labor Day...but it was so clever I
didn't change it. Bear with me guys.

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