Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Un Abbraccio da Bracciano - 5/22/17

Castello Orsini-Odescalchi, in Bracciano, Italy

Anziano Boscán and Anziano Ridd

Hey family!

This was a strange week.

The strangest thing was with our friend, OL. He is a Catholic/Orthodox/Pentecostal/Buddhist from Ukraine. He speaks Italian okay, but not the best. Because of his work schedule, we meet him at 9 on the morning - which throws us off a bit on our missionary schedule. Anyways, our lessons with OL consisted of him trying to prove to us that we couldn't possibly be saints like La Madonna and Padre Pio. Anyways, he came to church on Sunday and enjoyed it, I think...

So, then we taught a cool new investigator this week. I think he's cool 'cause he is totally following the Spirit, even if he is a psychologist who denies that it's the Spirit. He came to church and loves it. The exciting thing is that he has a ton of kids. 

In church, I taught about repentance in gospel principles class, which is always fun. Also, we affixed a marriage and baptismal date for our investigator CS. We are very excited to be the “Best Anziani” at the marriage.

We also had the great opportunity to do a scambio with the Anziani of Ladispoli. Oh boy, that was fun. I went with Anziano Maythem and we did tons of finding. It was extra fun because he is British, and British people use funny words. I'll send a selfie of us and the black sand beach.

Other than that, we did a bunch of preparation for zone conference in our studies. I am so excited for conference on Wednesday.

Anziano Ridd

PS - We totally went to Bracciano today for a district Pday and saw the lake and castle. #beautiful
Anziano Ridd and Anziano Maythem, on a scambio in Ladispoli.
(Here they are at the black sand beach).
More castle pics

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