Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Wait...my companion is who?! 5/8/17

Anziano Ridd & Anziano Boscán
New/old mission companions


Hey fam!

Well, we had some transfers this week. Oh boy, were they a surprise. So I got the call Monday night and it was President Pickerd (what a great guy). He told me I was going to be transferred to Rome 1 (the one with the Vatican City), still in the zone, and that I would still be a zone leader. Not only that, my new companion is going to be Anziano...wait for it.... Boscán!! Yes, my MTC companion. Yes, we are best friends already. So needless to say, I'm excited to be able to work with him in the mission field.

As for the new District, we have a group of studs. There are Anziano Boscán and I as joint Zone leaders and District leaders, then Sorelle Crandell (from my MTC group) and Wise; and then Sorelle Ensign and Erickson. It's gonna be a solid District, especially because we are all pretty seasoned missionaries by now.

We went to church this Sunday, and it was such an awesome ward. It's huge, first of all; and all the people speak Italian and most speak Spanish...so that is super sick (awesome). The members are all amazing and in gamba. There are a ton of returned missionaries in the ward, too. I'm amazingly excited for this transfer.

Anyways, last Friday we had a huge gathering of mission leaders in Rome. We had our mission leadership council and it went great. It was a cool opportunity to see Sorella Tacchi and Anziano Alexander from my MTC group. I got to see a ton of friends from the mission, too.

Next week is Mother's Day and I am pumped to get to talk to all y'all.

Love you a ton.

Anziano Ridd

PS - I went to the Vatican again.

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