Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Happy Mother's Day - 5/14/17

Delicious Cannelloni!
Birthday party for the Bishop's mother
Anziano Ridd & Anziano Boscan with their new friends, SV and SN.
Hey family,

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there! Especially mine; she is the best and I had a great time seeing her yesterday.

So for the weekly rundown: Rome 1 is awesome. The members are so ready to help all the time; a ton are returned missionaries, and they are totally cool people. Lucky for us missionaries, that means we get to do the best kind of missionary work - member work. That doesn't mean we get to go hang out with members - it means we get to help them invite their friends to come closer to Christ. That's the best.

With all that, we have some awesome investigators. CE is about to be married and baptized toward the end of the month. This guy is awesome, and has "future bishop" potential. He comes from Peru. Then we have AL, a man that is Romanian that we found while we were doing some calls. He is very interested, and is currently reading to find his answer if the Book of Mormon is true or not. Last but not least, there are SV and SN, his wife. They are as golden as they come. They have been taught the first 3 lessons, and during the process they have been completely changed. SV feels like he has more peace as he reads the Book of Mormon, and they are excited to follow the Word of Wisdom. Yes...EXCITED! That is what the gospel of Christ does to all that follow him; it makes us excited to follow the commandments and live a happy life.

Anyways, that's the coolest part of the week, aside from being able to Skype my family yesterday. I can't believe I only Skype home one more time. That's strange. Oh and we went to the birthday party of the Bishop's mother. It was rockin'.

Also, I bought a blender and played zone soccer today. Solid stuff.

Love you all!

Anziano Ridd
Photo by Holly Ensign/Sorella McKenna Ensign

We played zone soccer today for P-day.

We loved Skyping with Anziano Ridd! He's still his spunky and happy self!
We Skyped in from Texas, Oregon and Utah. It's the last time Lukas and Hayden will see each other for awhile.
(Hayden will be serving his mission in Thailand, and Lukas will still be in Italy).
It's always slightly crazy when all 4 brothers get together, even via Skype;
nevertheless it was so awesome!

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