Monday, June 5, 2017

Another Week in Roma Bella Roma - 6/5/17

Great zone calcio today

Hey fam!

This week was decent. Some weird things went on, as always, and sadly we didn't have as much success as I wanted.

It started off with an AP scambio. I went with the first Italian AP since like...5 years ago, Anziano Dragi! It was a ton of fun. We did a ton of finding, and during the process we found two stunt men from the movie John Wick 2. So when you see the Italian mafia members getting their heads blown off, I met those guys.

Then at OL's place, he totally got upset when I asked him how his Book of Mormon reading is the point that he told us to leave. And I was like, yeah I'll get out, and as I opened the door he told me to close it and come back in. After dealing with complaints for 2 more minutes, I was done with it and we left. Come Sunday, he is in church after specifically telling us he wouldn't come. He apologized and everything, but I'm hoping this isn't reoccurring. 

On Saturday night we called some people to invite them to church. It worked, because on Sunday we had a less active that came to church named RC and he brought his girl. So that was cool because he is like 24, super on-the-ball, and is totally a future church leader here if he becomes active. We are so excited.

Today we had a great zone calcio. We left a bit early to teach MG from Honduras. Thank goodness my Spanish is solid because otherwise communication wouldn't have been there. He is amazing and is searching to bring himself to God. A solid desire.

This week all in all was decent. I love you all!

Anziano Ridd

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