Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Pescara: Second Son. 7/31/17

Pescara and me
The district gesso. Next to me is Anziano McConkie, and the tallest is Anziano Toronto.
Hey guys!

This week was super busy and crazy. I'll let you guys get a feel for what has been going on.

On Monday night, I received my transfer call, and it's pretty lit. I am opening a new companionship in Pescara and training!!!

So now my new son is Anziano McConkie, who is a straight-up stud. He sings like an angel, and in his own words he is "dripping majesty." I confirm my companion's witness. He aspires to perform on Broadway, and I'll put my money on him. Then in our house here, we also have Anziano Toronto as the district leader, and his new greenie, Anziano Waddell. They are both beasts, and you can easily see that it's going to be a killer 2 transfers.

Since we have been blown in, we don't have much work, but we do have one miracle investigator. MK, who is a nonmember son of a Filipino member of Rome 1, moved to Pescara. So I started teaching him in Rome and now I will teach him here. We also totally do not know the city at all, but it's super cool. Anziano Toronto has been a great help in guiding us to different things in the city. Also, we are about to start teaching a super sick pianist who performs in the city center, and Anziano McConkie has been singing with him, haha.

This week we went to the church and met all the members. They are so sick (cool) . And Pescara went from 2 Anziani and 2 Sorelle, to 4 Anziani and 4 Sorelle. All of us are training, haha. So there was a lot of excitement. The reason why we are all here is because they are about to finish a new HUGE church. It's right next to our apartment. So we are gonna fill up the church with people so Pescara can become a stake sometime! Anyways, this city is straight "on fire." I can feel the excitement in my blood and it also may be because Anziano McConkie is a straight beast who is prepared to bust his butt for the full 2 years. I feel like this new group of missionaries are the most prepared I have ever seen.

To top off the cake, this weekend was a holiday here in Pescara, and our sick neighbors invited us to eat arrosticini with them, which is skewered lamb. It was super cool. They had a big party, and half of the people were our neighbors; the other half was their Belgian family. We were super happy, hahahah.

Anyways, God puts us where people need us. Don't forget to reach out to others around you!

Anziano Ridd

Ps.  All the guys in my house are sick singers, so we are singing a lot this transfer.
Pps. All of the other Anziani are 6'1"- 6'6" - so I look freaking tiny.
The party from our house hahaha

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