Wednesday, August 23, 2017

ZC and Ferragosto - 8/23/17

"Squad takes the Colosseum" - Zone Conference in Rome

Zone Conference

Hey fam!

This week was pretty lit. Once again, it was the week of the biggest Italian holidays, Ferragosto. As it works, everyone doesn't work for a solid couple weeks and goes on vacation. But here in Pescara, it honestly didn't faze us at all. Yeah, we had some of the investigators that couldn't meet us, but we had a solid week. Side note: Ferragosto is where Mary, the mother of Jesus, ascended into heaven. (Doctrinal side note: this is not our belief). 

The other big thing that happened this week is that we had zone conference in Rome. Strangely enough, this is the first time I have had to travel to get to a zone conference, because in the past it was always in my city. But we got to stay at the Villa with President Pickerd, and that was fun because he is amazing. Zone conference was on fire and we discussed a lot of finding. It got me super excited to keep improving.

We got to go into the new Pescara church this week and it was so nice. I can't wait till it opens in about 20 days. And this week we met with MK. He is going to be baptized in September, but right now he is in Rome. So he is being taught by my ex comp, Anziano Boscan. The lesson we had with him was amazing, because my companion asked a really great inspired question. This led to MK telling us about his experience receiving an answer to his prayers as to whether or not to be baptized. It was a very spiritual experience.

This week, John 15 was really inspiring me. I hope also you guys can find some joy in it. (Click here to read John 15 from the New Testament). 

Anyways I think that's it for this week. I love you all and I'll keep y'all posted for the next.

Anziano Ridd


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