Tuesday, February 6, 2018

The Last Fast Sunday - 2/5/18

Anziano Ridd with good friend, E, from Terni
Hey guys!

It’s been an extremely rainy week this week here in Perugia. One night we had a mad thunderstorm with a ton of hail. But it was pretty nice, because we slept like kings that night. 

Anyways, this week went okay. I recovered pretty well from my sickness and now only suffer from mild symptoms of sore throat and coughing. As for the work though, MP was invited to be baptized. She said she would give us a full answer next week, as she prayed and talked to her family about it. Well, her daughters informed us on Sunday that sadly, her husband is not as okay with it as we thought at the beginning. So we are going to do our best to help him understand why it is important for her to take the step and help him realize that we are here to do good. 

As for SN, he is now a member! We found his records and he will pretty soon have them all here in the ward. Pretty soon he will be helping out with the sacrament with us. 

This was the last Fast and Testimony meeting I will have in the mission. It was very surreal. I got the opportunity to help SM, the new convert, bless the Sacrament. Then I felt I should bear my testimony. As I did, the Holy Ghost filled me and I felt the confidence from the Lord. I know that the Holy Spirit guides us and prompts us - if we are willing to listen. 

Other than that, this week flew by. Anziano Anderl is a great guy and is fun to have around. I keep being blessed with companions and friends who are very musically talented, so I feel blessed to have another amazing singer with me.

Love you all!

Anziano Ridd

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