Monday, January 29, 2018

Baps and Naps - 1/29/18

We played zone calcio today.
Our friend "D" was baptized on Saturday!
Hey guys!

So this week was crazy! We tried to work as hard as we could, but I sadly came down with some kind of sinus infection monster. So we had some recovery naps mixed with the fact that allllll of our toilet paper was converted into tissues and we have gone through it very fast. Who knew I had so much crud in my head. 

Anyways there were also some baptisms! One was D from Perugia. I did his interview last week and he was baptized this last Saturday. He is clearly a convert and is excited to be able to baptize his daughter soon. How great a blessing we have to have another convert to build the church with us. Then we also had EZ from Terni, who was baptized. Anziano Huntsman baptized him and afterward EZ bear-hugged him. The Spirit was strong there.

Also this week we found out that SN had never gotten confirmed nor received the gift of the Holy Ghost. So this next week we will prepare him for baptism so he can be baptized the 10th of February. Because just like Joseph Smith said, “You might as well baptize a bag of sand as a man, if not done in view of the remission of sins and getting of the Holy Ghost. Baptism by water is but half a baptism, and is good for nothing without the other half--that is, the baptism of the Holy Ghost.”

So that’s kinda it for this week. Sorella P and family are being awesome and making super great progress. We are hopeful for her to set a baptismal date this week with us. 

I love you all!

Anziano Ridd

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