Monday, January 15, 2018

4th Quarter - 1/15/18

Anziano Ridd with his new companion, Anziano Anderl

Hey guys!

The last transfer calls are in. The results are as follows:
  • I remain in Perugia and get Anziano Anderl from Holladay, Utah as my companion. Anziano Hughes went to Lecce.
  • Anziano Osmond is now in Rome and is replaced by Anziano Wagstaff from Holladay, Utah and he will be with Anziano Allred.
  • Anziano Huntsman and Becker remain.
  • Anziano Daniels is down to Cosenza and Anziano Smith has come to replace him. 
  • Sorella Holmes came up to Terni.

This week was lit. I love my new companion. He is a stud and is in the same group as Anziano McConkie. I also like Anziano Wagstaff. He is a beast and plays basketball. Anyways, I’m very excited for this last transfer of the mission. 

The way I look at things, this is the fourth quarter…the last part of the game. Just as many basketball legends, we make (Michael Jordan) or break (LeBron James) the game based on how we work in the fourth quarter. If I give it my all till the end and perform like I need to, then the joy of victory will be had. I know that there is a purpose the Lord has me in Perugia at this time. I also know that it only can be accomplished if I decide to put it all on the line and serve with all my heart and mind. I love the mission. 

Love you all. I hope you have a great week!

Anziano Ridd 

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