Monday, January 22, 2018

Perugia Priesthood - 1/22/18

Church in Todi

Hi again!

This week we had some fun experiences. We went on Friday morning to go serve a member that lives 30 minutes south of us. He is an older guy and burned his hands really badly, and because he is a widower right now, he has to everything on his own. We came and gave him a blessing and then helped him bring in his wood so he can keep his house warm. He also lives in a beautiful place, so we got plenty of pictures while we were in the area. 

Perugia is poppin’ right now. You can bet by summer this place will be a BIG branch. I’ll give the thanks to the fact that we have correct vision and have been working so hard. I love being with the awesome guys that are serving up here with me. This week we had 36 people in church. That’s a pretty big deal. We have really grown, even if some of those people were guests.

Then after church on Sunday, SM, the amazing new convert, asked me to be the one to confer the Aaronic priesthood to him and ordain him to be a priest. As always, it was a very great spiritual experience and I know that SM will be a great instrument in the hand of God. 

Furthermore, I did the baptismal interview for D. He will be baptized next Saturday as he is very much converted to the gospel and cannot wait to get to the temple with his family. With more friends and family to follow him, including his newly 8-year old daughter, he is going to be a great leader to his loved ones. 

With all this, we could say that Perugia is growing. I would say that maybe the missionaries are growing more, however. We learn new things everyday and our vigor and zeal for the edification of God’s kingdom on earth keeps growing. What a tender mercy to be able to serve Him and gain such a love for the saints of Italy.

I love you all, and hope you have a great week!
Anziano Ridd

One of my favorite families here in Perugia,
featuring D (soon to be convert) and his 8-year old daughter 


Anziano Anderl and Anziano Ridd

Cathedral in Todi, where we traveled to help bring in firewood
for a member who burned his hands.

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