Tuesday, January 2, 2018

New Year, Baby! 1/2/18

Terni Center
Perugia Center
Happy New Year! 

I hope everyone had a great week! This week for us was pretty good!

We started off by spending the day after Christmas (Santo Stefano, a Catholic holiday), delivering cakes to all the group (church) members and singing carols to them. It went great and they loved it. 

Then this week we also did a scambio with the zone leaders. Once again, Anziano Daniels and I did work in Terni. It was fun and we enjoyed the work we did together. Sadly, my dear friend Anziano Huntsman is not feeling so great, but he is recovering. He is still hilarious as ever, even when he’s not feeling well. 

We had a pretty cool gesso we did on Saturday night in the center of Perugia, and had some decent success talking to people about the Gospel. Due to holidays, many people have been pretty closed. 

This week we picked up GR as a new investigator. He is Ecuadorian and is a cool guy. His parents were Mormon and his brother is too, but they don’t live in Italy. His wife was is less active, but currently they are baptized in an evangelical church. It’s an interesting situation, because we originally thought he was a less active too. His wife seems like she might not want us there (strange because she was LDS) and he is pretty interested to hear about priesthood and prophets, but believes anyone who believes in Christ is saved. So I’m excited to teach them more, to say the least. Especially because they are expecting a baby in a month!

Over this past week I’ve recognized how strong I have grown in my testimony of modern day prophets. By study and prayer over these 2 years, I know that their words are the words that God has for us in these days. I know He’s called them and they are inspired. I know Jesus lives, and He directs this church through them. The Holy Spirit constantly confirms this witness to me as I read and study their words. 

Give it a go; try it for yourselves. Go study the words of modern day prophets. Apply their promises, and you will see blessings come from that obedience. (Click here to read/listen to talks from church leaders from the latest General Conference).

I love you all! Make goals this year! Follow Abe Lincoln’s mom’s last words to him, “Be something!”

Anziano Ridd

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