Thursday, April 14, 2016

Goats and Benches - 4/14/16

The Whole Zone!
Back Row: Sorella Perkins, Dustin, Crandell, Anziano Boscan, Ridd, Alexander, Hansen, 

  Sorella Mckenzie, Anderson, McCormick
Front Row: Sorella 
Jarnagin, Tacchi, Fife, Smedley, Lo Russo, Stevens

 Hey Family!

Wow, IT’S P-DAY again! So this week flew by...JUST like the first month of my mission. It is lots and lots of work, but I like that cause it keeps things going fast and makes me work hard. Thank goodness, because if I were not working hard I would totally not be improving. AND trust me when I say...I am improving in leaps and bounds...not only in the language but also spiritually. 

I will start off with my language progress. So, last Friday I went a whole day speaking Italian. I am pretty terrible. BUT, what matters is it was fun! I learned a lot of things to focus on when I am studying the language, and learned that, yes, I can speak enough that I can get simple things across to people. After that day I was like brain took a lot of stress on my brain to do it, so I am doing it a lot more now. On Wednesday I did it again, and I am doing it again on Friday. 

While I am talking about language - we did our first Skype TRC this week. We talked to a woman named Sorella Lufgreen. She actually lives in Arizona now. But it was HARD...dat accent. But I learned so much from it and can’t wait to do it again next week. I don’t like Skype much makes it hard for me to show the needed facial expressions and gestures to get my point across. 

NEXT WEEK WE GET NEW ITALIANS! So we get 5 new people: 3 Elders and 2 sisters. I can’t wait till that will make it super interesting for the last bit we are here in the MTC.

Genarro and Alessia, our investigators, both have baptismal dates and are working toward it. That’s super cool. I am getting pumped this week because I get to teach the Law of Chastity; and of course all the other commandments, but that one will be most interesting. Oh funny thing... Anziano Boscan and I sang to our investigator. I think it took away the Spirit...hahah not really, but it was funny. Lessons were learned. We also have been SO much better at preparing lessons inspired by the Spirit and to the investigators’ needs. Yay investigators.

Also, this week was amazingly spiritual. Last Sunday was Fast and Testimony meeting. I had the amazing opportunity to share my testimony at church. Thank goodness it was in English, because I can’t mess that language up too much. I bore my testimony on repentance, and it was a super awesome Sunday. Repentance is like the best thing here in the MTC. There is so much change I have been going through and it is only possible through the Atonement. The MTC may be kinda repetitive, BUT it is so amazing if you just work your 100% all the time. 

Our devotional on Tuesday was from Bishop Waddell of the Presiding Bishopric. He did awesome. He spoke on how to look through the eyes of Christ and see all the people the Lord puts in our way to help. All in all this week was simply awesome with all the personal revelation I received. 

Ok, I will put one actually interesting thing in this email. Italians have a love for tongue twisters. The title is inspired from this weird one.

“Sopra la panca la crapra campa. Sotto la panca la capra crepa.” 

It literally means, “On the bench the goat lives. Under the bench the goat dies.” So yeah - pretty cool.

Love all of you!
Anziano Ridd

PS - Here is an amazing talk:

Remember to be like Jesus and Turn Out.

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