Friday, April 29, 2016

Made it to Rome, Italy! 4/26/16

Presidente and Sorella Waddoups with Anziano Ridd
 The new missionaries in Anziano Ridd's group arrived from the 
Missionary Training Centers in both Spain and Provo, Utah
Anziano Ridd is standing in front of the Rome Italy Temple, which is under construction.
We are praying for its speedy completion! 
At the Colosseum

"Hey Mama and family! Just a quick email to tell you I am alive and in Italy." 

We received this email from Lukas (Anziano Ridd) on Tuesday, April 26. On Monday morning, he and about 7 other missionaries flew out of Salt Lake City, then on to JFK in New York, and then on to Rome. (Let me tell you, it was so thrilling to receive the email and photos!! Plus to see the "borrowed" photos from the mission does a mom's heart good...)

In Rome, he met his new mission president and his wife, President and Sister Waddoups. The new missionaries were then whisked off to see many special places in Rome, including the Rome Italy temple site (under construction) and the Colosseum...amongst keep the missionaries awake and to get their jet lag under control. 

Anziano Ridd and the other new missionaries had special training and then received their new assignments and companions. They transfer to their new areas on Thursday, April 28. 

Anziano Ridd and Anziano Boscan
MTC companions
Anziano Ridd, opening his "golden envelope," which tells of his first mission area & trainer 
(photo credits to the Waddoups)

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