Monday, May 2, 2016

Green is My Favorite Color & Welcome to Palermo, Sicily! 5/2/16

Entrance to Messina Harbor with statue of Madonnina Port Protectress. Sicily.

Anziano Ridd & his trainer/District Leader, Anziano Jensen
Palermo, Sicily
Cathedral of Palermo
Hey family!

Okay, so I am a greenie.

Now that it's out of the way, I can get into this crazy long week of travel and more travel and travel documents.

Ok, I'm gonna start on Tuesday ‘cause that's when I arrived in Rome. So I got to Rome. That day the APs took us out to check out some of the cool sights in Rome to keep us like 28 hours of no sleep. That was cool. The next day we woke up and spent the day doing training. Speaking of which - we do have iPads so that's super legit. After we got trained on stuff in the mission office we got to open our "golden envelopes" with our first areas and companions. That was pretty cool. I opened mine and I got Palermo as my first area. SO FREAKING AWESOME. My companion's name is Anziano Jenson.

So on Thursday I spent the whole day (15 hours) on a train going to Palermo (it's on Sicily). Yeah that was a long ride, hahahah. But I got there and met my comp and ate a cannoli. So life wasn't so bad. We get along great and I don't speak Italian right now so it's nice to have a companion who does. We haven't taught anyone yet, but we have done quite a bit of finding. That's cool because the people in Palermo are nice and love to talk for the most part.

Fun note, my first night I ate a cow kidney sandwich. Not bad.

That was pretty much what we did Friday and Saturday except we started to do all the stuff for an Italian permesso, which is pretty much my real passport. That takes a bit of running around.

Sunday was cool. I finally got to meet the ward. It is a legit ward and has like 80 people in it. Since it was fast and testimony meeting, I got to bear my testimony. It went okay, and I kept it short to be sure.

Italy is amazing and beautiful. Much of that comes from the people; they are so awesome. The buildings also look terrific and have so much history.

We live in a 4-man house. I am a greenie (“new”), my comp is the DL and the other 2 are the ZLs. It is so much fun. I think we have the best house in the mission. The other elders are Bellows (on his death transfer) and Moraes (Brazilian). So yeah, we love it, except the apartment is on the 6th floor of a very high building so our legs will be ripped.

P-day. Today was p-day. It was really fun. We went to the catacombs and then to the Cathedral of Palermo. After that I had my first Aranchine. It was soooooo good. Not healthy but delicious. So it was a cool day. So excited to start this first full week.


Anz Ridd

P-day in Palermo, Sicily with the missionaries!

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