Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Scambio in Trap town - 5/23/16

We went to Monreale for P-day and saw the Cathedral of Monreale

Hey family!

So this week was cool. Every week is though, hahahah. Always so busy and amazing how fast they go.

Ok, I'll go through the best stuff…and interesting stuff.

So first off, I had a bunch of permesso stuff at the beginning of the week so I was at the questura (police office) more than I would have liked to have been. But I don't have to do that again till next month when I have an Italian "culture" class. So yay. Interesting Monday. We had a decent lesson with S. He just really doesn't like the thought of praying because of things that have happened in his past.

On Tuesday and Wednesday I went to Trapani to do a scambio (an exchange) with Anziano Spencer. He's an awesome guy also from Texas. So we get to say "Noi siamo Texani" (We are Texans) when we are together! Lol. We had an awesome experience together. He felt prompted to swing by a potential’s house, who had never let missionaries in before. We got there and she let us right in. It was amazing. The Lord had softened her heart with some things that had happened that morning. Also the next day we visited a less active member who had yelled at Anziano Spencer the night before and said that if we were late, he would never talk to the church again. Well things happened and buses were missed and we ended up running across Trapani to get there on time. We got there soaked in sweat but it was worth it. Great lesson.

We had some good lessons with our investigators this week. We got a hold of DA this week. He really like to bash with what he thinks the Bible means... So yeah, kinda hard but he is a good guy. Then we met with S. He's awesome and progressing slowly. He is really skeptical of all religion though. And DM had a bunch of good lessons with us this week. He has a baptism day set for June 19 and I hope he can make it. He definitely is progressing and doing awesome, but sadly he didn't come to church because something came up. If we can get him to come, he will be on fire. I love him; he's so fun.

Then we went to a baptism with DM, his friend, P (who we teach this week), and M. They really liked it and are excited to work toward baptism. That was so awesome for everyone there.

Sadly we didn't meet with C or L this week. Next week.

To answer your questions, Mamma mia –
  • I have a very small shower that has warm water. I can't complain too much, hahaha.
  • We have all of those (stove, oven, microwave). YAY. So we cook and make food a lot. And our fridge is pretty normal, but small for 4 elders - hahaha. Still not bad. The freezer is pretty small however…
  • We have a washer, so that's nice, but we air dry all our stuff (no dryer).
  • I eat too much. Members feed us maybe 2 times a week and that's always TOO MUCH, but delicious. We also make really good food for ourselves for lunches and such. I like granola or eggs in the morning, but that's my thing.
  • We have A/C...but not like full A/C. It's good though. Not every place has A/C and it's really hot here right now, so it will just keep getting better. I'll look tan after this summer - hahaha. It's a lot like Texas heat. Very humid, but the shade helps us sweat a bit less.
I have been loving personal study and have read lots of talks, plus the Book of Mormon and Jesus the Christ. One talk I loved this week wasHonesty - A Moral Compass” by James E. Faust. Check it out of you get the chance. (Click here to read or listen to this talk)

Today we went to Monreale and saw a pretty sick cathedral, and then went "shopping" with Anziano Bellows because he dies (completes his mission) this week. Fun day.

Ok, I'll finish with some interesting stuff. So here in Italy there is a thing called "Culpa d'aria." This is the belief that all Italians swear by, that if you walk under an air conditioner and get the cold air blown on you, you will get sick. It's just funny that they all believe this.

And our less active, FL (he looks like Santa Claus), gave us some advice this week. He said, "Boys, it's getting hot outside. If you look, there are always 2 sides of the street. If you are hot, walk on the shady side. But if you like the sun, walk on the sunny side." Then he stopped. We thought there would be more...but that was it. Wise advice though; we heed his words every day.

Anyways, I love all of you! Thanks for the love and support y'all give me. I can't wait for this next week. Have a great week!

Anziano Ridd

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