Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Lui Ha Venuto...In Chiesa!!! 6/27/16

Anziano Ridd
PC: Waddoups' Italy Rome Mission Blog
Hey family!

This week was hot. But thank goodness it was not as bad as last Thursday.

So on Tuesday, I had a scambio in Palermo with Anziano De Feo. He is an awesome guy who is from Canada. While together, we taught two great lessons and did lots of finding. Luckily it was not in vain. We found a couple of people who were interested. Also, since I was here with him, I got the opportunity to step up more and kinda be a senior companion. That helped me a lot and made me feel a lot more confident in the language.

Okay, now I will go over our investigators and lessons. This week, our main 2 investigators were A and DM. Both are progressing and are awesome. A has decided that she wants to try to quit smoking again and wants to make a plan with us to do so. So this week we are going to help her with that, and start it. She totally has a testimony; she just has been really struggling with this trial. DM has been really awesome. He always has the desire to know and learn more, and he loves what he learns about the church. AND THIS WEEK HE CAME TO CHURCH!!!!! Yay! So he is now working on finding his own testimony. We also met with a new investigator this week whose name is F. He's super cool and is interested in religion.

Then on Friday, the other Anziani got to baptize P! He is so prime, and was so happy. Both A and DM came and loved watching the baptism. After the baptism, there was a movie activity for English Course and we watched Meet the Mormons with our class. DM loved that. He just was raving on how amazing it is, and how it's like we are a big family. He also loves the fact that we read scriptures together as families and pray together. It made me so happy. (Click here if you'd like to watch Meet the Mormons on YouTube!).

On Saturday there was a ward activity which DM and A also attended. It was karaoke and dinner. Oh man...Italians love karaoke! Anyways, it started super late (as normal for Italians) and we left before most of it started. But it seemed super fun.

Sunday was a good day as well. We did lots of finding, and had a good Sacrament meeting.

This week our new Mission President comes in, and we plan to meet with him this Thursday in Catania...but Anziano Jensen has to renew his permesso that day. So say a prayer that we figure it out and get to meet him. Otherwise we might be the only missionaries in all of Sicilia not meeting him - hahaha.

Anyways, the mission is great; so much growth happens here. I love seeing the Atonement work and the joy it brings into the lives of others, and also to my own life.

Love all of you.

“Oh be wise, what can I say more?” (Jacob 6:12, Book of Mormon)

Anz Ridd

Baptism of P in Palermo! Anziano Ray & Anziano Moraes
PC: Rena Carneiro

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  1. Ha! On the one picture of him and his Mission Pres, I didn't see his name tag! You'll have to ask him the story (maybe I'm just blind!)
    That is so crazy about those hot winds! I'd never heard of that.
    Personally, I LOVE pasta and would pay the price for it when I got home! haha!