Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Mont San Pellegrino - 6/6/16

Hey Family!!

Thus far, I think this week has been my favorite week of the mission.

I'll start at the beginning. This week we were in a 3-some: Anziano Moraes, Jensen and I. This was pretty cool, because as 3, we ate a meal with either investigators or members every day of the week. (I am getting fat, so part of my morning workout is now going to be running for 30 minutes of my hour). That's not the coolest thing. Because of the 3-some, we taught the whole week. We had double the investigators to teach so it was super cool to be constantly teaching. Plus we are all such great friends. This lasted till Thursday when Anziano Moraes got his new comp, Anziano Ray. He's super sick (awesome) and came from Arizona.

Ok, so besides all that, Anziano Moraes had a birthday. He's now 20. Yay for the Brazilian.

So the best things this week…we found four new investigators. Because of that, we also dropped a few who are never able to meet. So we dropped L and DE.

Let's go to my favorite part of the week, Saturday. Saturday was just wonderful. We met with A, who is our new investigator, but she also used to be an investigator in the past. We have known her forever because she loves English course and is friends to lots of the young adults. Well, she decided she really wants to quit smoking and wants to try again to stop. So we are doing the “quit smoking” program with her and re-teaching the lessons. She's awesome because she has a testimony, and already knows the Gospel is true. She just has this struggle with smoking that we are helping her to overcome. Please send some prayers her way.

When we finished meeting with her, we planned to meet with DM and teach the law of chastity and the Ten Commandments. DM is clutch and changes our plans by bringing not only P for the lesson but also our new investigator G. We taught the Restoration and it was so powerful. These guys are the most bravi ragazzi (good guys) you could find. So this next week I have high hopes, just like our goals. I love these guys; they are great.

Sadly, DM went to work in the country with his dad that Sunday. But A came to church. Speaking of which, it was a Western European Conference. It was pretty cool and we heard from Elder D. Todd Christofferson. I can't lie though, I am tired of conferences now. I just want church to be held in our building so investigators want to come more. Luckily for me that's this next week, so we’ve got to make the most of it.

Well, today we are going to Mont San Pellegrino. It should be amazing. I'll take pics and send them over if I can.

I love you guys! Keep being awesome.

Anziano Ridd

PS – Mama, thanks 1000000x for the package. It was sick. I love the peanut butter and tie. Also the books are amazing. Thanks!!!

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