Tuesday, July 12, 2016

First Transfers with the Pickerds! 7/11/16

Hey family!

This week was super interesting because it was my first transfer that changed things for me. And oh man, things changed quite a bit. It is exciting so I'm putting it first. So, first of all - I am not transferred!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAY! I am so happy. I would have been devastated if I had to leave already; there is so much work to do here and I love being with this ward. Not to mention that I am getting pumped for DM. But Anziano Jensen is transferred to Foggia. I wish him luck, and replacing him here is Anziano Cowden. He just trained Anziano Hansen, a bro from the MTC. Anziano Moraes also is getting transferred to be a ZL in Rome 3. I am gonna miss him a ton too. Anziano McKenna will replace him in Palermo. I am super excited to see all the change, but it will be sad to see my family here leave.

Ok, so that's how transfers went in my house. So the future house will be Anziano Ray, McKenna, Cowden, and me. Che figo!

Our big investigators are still A and DM. But we did have a good new investigator this week, AN. So A is still trying to stop smoking; she's going about it her own way, and doesn't really like to be pushed too much. So we have been providing support and helping her quit. In the meantime, we have been helping her build her testimony. She really has a forte testimony, and just needs to learn to trust in the Lord more and have that faith. She also came to church again.

DM is a BEAST. I love him so much. This week we talked about his baptism, because if all goes well, it will be on the 30th. He said he just needs to talk to his dad a bit about it. He  was kind of unsure about that, so we offered to talk with his dad with him. He said that would be awesome, so this week we hope to talk with him and his dad. He is such a great guy, but sadly he didn't get to come to church this Sunday. Next time we will see of we can get him and his dad to church though.

AN is new, and he kinda has a job...but not exactly. He watches people’s cars for them. But that gives him a lot of time to talk about the gospel. So he is cool, and he actually knows the Bible more that 90% of the people here. That's a big plus because if people actually know what the Bible says and are educated about religion - they see truth easier. So we are looking forward to teaching him a lot more in the future.

We did a scambio this week too. I went to Trapani with Anziano Olsen. He is super sick and it was fun to get to work with him. We did a ton of finding there and also did English course there. It was fun; the English course students there are super sick.

Ok, today was fun. We did whatever Moraes and Jensen wanted because they are leaving. We we played some frisbee, went to Zara, and then got arancini and brioche with A, J, S and G. I love spending time with them - they are the "young single adults" and investigators.

I love the work and can't wait for the adventures which are to come. For me, this week was a week of goals and actions. In reality, how can we become better or accomplish anything without these?

As a smart man once said, Just Do It.

Love y'all,
Anziano Ridd

PS - There is an African the other Anziani met who is a guy and is named Hillary Clinton. Can I vote for him?

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