Monday, July 18, 2016

I Have Ripened - 7/18/16

Dear Family,

Wow, this week took a long time. I hope you guys enjoyed yourself. Italy was beautiful, as usual. Actually a bit more so toward the end of the week. The weather was just brilliant.

Ok – well, this week was kinda crazy. We had transfers, and because of a capi conference in Rome, I kinda was the guy who ran them in Palermo. On Tuesday I had my last day with Big Daddy Jensen (Anziano Jensen). Then he left Wednesday morning and I had a day with Anz Whitaker. That was pretty sick cause we saw a Villa Whitaker while finding together. Then on Thursday he left and I did finding that day with Anz Whited.  We took like 5 trips back and forth to the station that day. Then that night I finally got with my new comp Anziano Cowden. So I had 4 comps in 4 days - hahahah. So yeah.

Anziano Cowden and I get along very well. I am so pumped for this next transfer. We are taking Palermo by storm and we are looking forward to great success. So excited. Anyways, he is from Utah, is a fan of U of U, plays rugby, and is self-described as "a chill guy who likes pizza." He is in the same transfer as Anz Jensen, 12th.

We didn't get to meet with a ton of people this week, but DM is still being awesome. A is working on quitting smoking. So we keep praying. We are working on finding a ton of new investigators and already have a bunch of appointments for next week. AYYH. And I get my permesso next week.

Today was Anziano Ray's birthday. Now he's a man and 20 years old. He got a fat brioshe for his birthday, and we saw the Duomo of Palermo again.

But yeah, so I was like a green tomato, but now I'm like a tomato that's yellowish and almost fully ripe. Cheers to not being a full greenie anymore.

Love y'all. Have a joyful week.

Anz Ridd

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