Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Walking on Water - 7/25/16

Ehi  famiglia!

I hope everyone is had a great week. I know I did. Because in this companionship, we “walk on water.” (...referring to Peter walking on the water in the New Testament…please see the paragraph near the end of the letter). 

This week started with the Questura. So, not exactly something
that's fun...but it's necessary for living in Italy. So we went there and they were closed. We come back the next morning...the same thing. We just kinda just bagged it and will go this next week for my permesso. So yay!!!

Anyways, continuing on - sadly, we have no new investigators this week. Next week will be the week of new investigators though. We have adopted a new system of dropping old investigators and potentials. On the bright side, we have our great investigator DM.

DM is converted. The dude loves the gospel and knows it's true. So we set a firm baptismal date for the 13th of August. He can't wait for that day. We will be trying to get his dad on board. The other day DM was going around telling people that the Book of Mormon was his favorite book and he reads every day. Mi raccomando. Anyways - he is the bomb.

Then A is doing great on her “Stop Smoking” plan. This next weekend she will be at 0 and then she will never smoke again. Yay! We made her Mormon cigarettes to help stop. They have scriptures written on paper - hahah.
Anyways, today for P-day we went to Cefalu. That was super fun but I feel like it wasn't smartest to go hike in church clothes....Boh. So all in all it was a really fun and good day. I love the mission.

Ok, the title of this post (Walking on Water) is our companionship power phrase. It was kind of a challenge from President to get everyone to choose one. To us, this basically signifies walking with the Lord. We kind of imagine what it would have been like when Peter walked on the water with the Lord. It takes a lot of faith, but we can do it. (See Matthew 14:29). And when our faith waivers, He will always pick us up when we fall.

Also - read Alma 5. I love that chapter. (Click here to read Alma 5!)

I love all of y'all. I'll send a lot of pics.
Anz Ridd

PS - The mission office address has changed as of July 2016. Here is the new address for letters or packages: 

Anziano Lukas Ridd

c/o Missione Italiana di Roma
Piazza Monte Gemma 9
00141  Rome, Italy

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