Monday, August 1, 2016

Happy Birthday, Jim - 8/1/16

Hey family!

Ok so today was Anz McKenna's birthday, so that's why I dedicate the email title to him. Go Jim!

So this week was pretty crazy. So I'll start with investigators. First is DM. He had a baptism date on the 13th but is leaving on vacation in a few days and will be gone for a month. Our lessons will pick up with him again after that...and hopefully a baptism soon after, too. Then A. She successfully lowered the amount she smokes, but still smokes. She's kind of unwilling to stop completely right now, so we will be working with her a bit less. She needs to develop a testimony first…so she needs to have the desire. Then P, who is now progressing. He has been meeting with us more often, and has started reading! Yay P. We have 2 1/2 new investigators. One is a half because he is a referral we taught - but he couldn't make a sure date to meet again. But yeah, on Saturday we found a great guy at the park named RA and he has a desire to learn. We also met a guy at a gesso who had met with missionaries in the past and wants to bring to his brother to the next lesson. So that's exciting.

On Wednesday and Thursday we went to Trapani and shredded the work with them. Anziano DeFeo and I taught a new investigator, and then found 4 potentials. I learned a ton during that. If you really want to find people to teach, you can! In any city, even the "harder" ones. The key is to have faith and go talk to everyone. Sadly for Trapani, their best investigator dropped them recently. She was super cool, but just isn't ready right now.

This transfer seems to be flying by. It's crazy to think that when this transfer is over, I will have been gone just shy of 6 months. It's feels like nothing. Makes me realize how precious every day I have here is. I need make it all count and always be doing all I can.

I love the mission. It is the greatest blessing I have had in my life, and seeing others come to Christ is beautiful. I love and miss all of you and hope y'all have a great week.

I have the best mission.

Anz Ridd
Photo Credit: Laura & Brooke Roberts
PC: Laura & Brooke Roberts
PC: Laura & Brooke Roberts

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