Monday, August 8, 2016

Mi Piace Americano Ma Sono Siciliano - 8/8/16

Hey family!!!

This week was figo (cool).

So the first thing was that I went to the questura another time...sadly I still don't have my permesso. So on transfer day I will go back. Oh well.

Ok then - we had zone conference. It was soooo good. My biggest take-away from zone conference is how our mission is going to be consecrated, and we will walk with the Lord. One of my favorite parts is the zone vision: “Many are called but few are chosen.” Everyone is in their area to find someone there. There are people prepared, otherwise we wouldn't be in our area. This is big, because in my zone there are a lot of small areas where missionaries lose some hope. I think this is a big help.

This week we did a scambio with the zone leaders. They are awesome. I went with Anziano McKenna this time and he is fantastic. He has the language down SO well. He also has a great work ethic and a way with people. He taught me a lot while I was on the scambio with him, so it was really fun.

Our investigators are okay. We are mostly trying to find a lot of new ones that are solid. DM is reading everyday. P didn't come to church. F came to church! So yeah, that's about it, hahah. Also, I have a really good feeling about our investigator, R. I hope this week we will find a ton of amazing new people. We have a lot of potential investigators we will hopefully meet this week, as well as finding new people this week. Honestly the biggest spiritual thing is when I focus on repentance. It is such an important thing to always change and focus on becoming better.

Oh - random, but we have some interesting potentials. We found out one guy was homeless when he called us from the hospital with a broken femur...he got hit by a car and wanted to live with us.

Today we had zone calico (football/soccer). It was sick. We played for like 3 hours. So yeah, that was pretty legit. That's about all that we did today. I feel like these weeks are flying by. Next Saturday is already transfer calls.

Well, it was another amazing week in Palermo. Hope y'all are all loving life in your respective areas!

Anz Ridd
"I like American but I'm Sicilian!"

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