Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Ferragosto!!! 8/15/16

Anziano Ridd & Anziano Cowden eating Brioche

Note: This is late because of no internet service yesterday. (I have permission).

*By the way, I go to Napoli (Naples) with Anziano Mercado!

Hey Family!

Today is Ferragosto! (An Italian holiday). Because of this, there is almost no one in the city. And because of that, we all do deep cleaning today – so I spent today cleaning the house. It is amazingly clean now. So, yay for that – but it also kinda stinks because nobody works today. Literally everything is closed. We can’t go shopping today for groceries.

BUT this week they changed when transfer calls are. They were not on Saturday morning; they will be tonight. So I don’t know if I am going or staying. If I go, transfers are on Thursday (but I would probably go Friday, due to my permesso). So yeah - it will probably be an eventful week.

This week was kind of slow. Lots of people were gone because of the time of year, and I got really sick Wednesday night. Let’s just say it must have been food poisoning or something. On Thursday I felt really bad, so I slept the whole day and was better by Friday.

Besides that, we met with a couple of potentials. Mostly crossed off people not interested though. And we found some new potentials. One I’m excited about is a young family. I hope we can meet with them this week.

DM has been coming and going because apparently he is just in the country for most of the time. So I met with him and taught him a bit. We also taught P a couple of times and he was showing good progress until he didn’t come to church on Sunday. Kinda sad. But let’s hope for next week.

This week I had a lot of mission pride for some reason. I spent the whole week thinking about how this mission is definitely the best mission in the world.At least for me. But probably just in general the best in the world. :)  I mean – Paul was serving in this mission! How sick (awesome) is that!? I really do love serving as a missionary. When you talk to just about everyone on the street, it really gives you the feeling that you are in the culture and it creates a love for the people. Even when the conversation often never starts.

The scripture I want to share is Corinthians 13. (Click here to read this chapter). I've read it and watched the Bible video this week on Charity. I pretty much love this scripture and have been studying it pretty hard. I encourage all to study Charity this week. Without charity, we are nothing. (View this 3-minute video on Charity here). 

I love all y’all! Keep being amazing!

Anziano Ridd
Pile of burned stuff...? I'm thinking that used to be a car!

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