Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Amalfi is Pretty - 9/19/16

Almafi Coast
Anziano Mercado & Anziano Ridd at the Amalfi Coast on P-Day

Dear Family, 

So real quick, this is the cool stuff. 

This week we had a Mission Conference in Rome with President Kearon (Elder Kearon is a General Authority Seventy and is currently serving as President of the European area for the LDS Church). It was awesome, because we learned a lot and I saw all my other friends there. Also, I found out that one of the investigators that I found and taught in Palermo got baptized last weekend. So I am amped about that! His name is C. That's super cool!

Ok then, the next super sick thing was today we hit the Amalfi coast. We went all the way there, and it was super cool. So beautiful. We stopped in Sorrento for a bit too. I loved that trip. 

P and F are doing well. Only F came to church, sadly. We will set their baptismal date for after General Conference, and I know that they will be ready. We have some other investigators, but they are not as close to baptism. 

My invite to everyone (inspired from conference) is to “attack the day.” Every day we have a choice - to have a good day and do good things, or to not. Make the choice the night before and wake up with a plan of how to attack the day. How will you accomplish as much as you can? How will you reach your goals? It's been said that the way you spend the first 3 hours of the morning will dictate the direction of your day. So - choose to do the best things you can in the first 3 hours of the morning. 

I love all of you! 

Have a great week! 

Anziano Ridd
Meeting up with friends at mission conference

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