Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Mount Vesuvius - 9/12/16

Taken atop Mount Vesuvius
Anziano Andersen & Anziano Ridd
Hey family!

So this week was pretty sick. I’ve got to be brief; we kind of burned some time. So I'll start with investigators. This week we got a lot of bidoni. Sadly, some people just didn't show up. But we did have some good success.

One of those successes was that we met with the DeV family. They are super awesome, and they are a part-member family. So we gave them the goal and vision of the eternal family, and are going to get them there. Then P and F. They are super cool. We need to meet with them more so we can teach them the commandments and baptize them. They really want to be baptized soon, so we are trying for October 1st. Or even sooner, because F is ready.  We got in contact with a couple new investigators, and also some other investigators. So this week we hope to be meeting them.

This week was super cool. I received a lot more perspective for investigators. I now have a focus on teaching families whenever possible, and giving them the goal of an Eternal Family. I love this Ramo 

(Ramo = Branch, or small congregation) we have here, and it is great to be teaching part-member families.

A spiritual thought of the week is that to strengthen our faith, we really have to know our Savior. We do this through two ways. The first is we read of Him. His life and teachings are in the Bible. We learn even more of Him when he came to the people of America, as recorded in the Book of Mormon. We learn from prophets in the Book of Mormon and the Bible who He is. We learn of why He is so important for the world. The second thing we do to know Him is to act. To serve. As we serve the Lord, we will know Him. In Mosiah 5 (click here to read Mosiah 5) we read that if we are to recognize His voice when He calls, we must be serving Him and take upon ourselves His name. My challenge to anyone reading this is to take a bit of time and really learn about your Savior - who He is and why He is the Savior. I leave my testimony that He means the World can change and that He lives. I leave this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

I love y'all!

Anziano Ridd

PS - We went up to Vesuvius. It's pretty cool.
(Click here or here to read some some interesting facts about Mt. Vesuvius). 

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