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Napola, La Capitale di Disordine - 11/7/16

Anziano Spencer, Anziano Gay & Anziano Ridd
Anziano Ridd & Anziano Stratton, on a scambio in Castellammare
Good morning, America! And...good luck. 

Hey family!

So this week was pretty okay. I have been kinda fat recently and just started to run again. So at the beginning of the week - when I wasn't running - I was way tired at the end of the day. Lesson learned was “run.” So yay! 

Anyways, with that outa the way, I'll talk about the week. As for district affairs, on Wednesday I taught our addestramento at ddm. It went really well. I trained on a specific topic that President Nelson discussed in the conference. He pointed out the pattern of how the Lord teaches. The pattern is: The Lord tells who He is, then tells them who they are, then He teaches them. As for missionary work, this is really important. I can't tell how many times I was teaching someone and then I realized that these people don't realize these basic things: Who they are (children of God) and then, who we are (messengers of God). If they don't understand that, then they don't understand our purpose and we aren't taken seriously. So I think it went well. I enjoyed my study of it. 

Districts happenings #2 - The scambio with Anziano Stratton. So the same day, we did a scambio. I hit up Castellammare. It was super good and fun. Anziano Stratton is in Anziano Youngblood's group and he is a beast. He comes from Oklahoma and is another football player. We have an awesome district. 

Investigator happenings - More people had to be put on the back burner this week, sadly. But it happens. That's what it takes to fulfill our purpose and the Lord's goals. So we met with a bunch of new people. Well, we wish we met with more, but now our phone is almost clean of contacts. So we can start fresh with that. We taught a lot of interesting people, including a deacon in the Catholic Church. That...is not recommended. Testa dura. The cool thing is I have been growing my testimony of the Apostasy.    

Then C. He is pretty awesome, but he let me down hard this week. We met with him on Tuesday. It was a REALLY long lesson, but really good. We taught about our purpose, and why we do what we do as missionaries. (He is kind of a missionary too.) Then we talked about baptism. I learned more about baptism than I ever have before and maybe I'll share a bit. But with him, we shared Doctrine and Covenants 39. We related it to his life and offered the privilege of baptism. He said that he knows this church is the true church of Jesus Christ restored on the earth today. He says that he learned that from the Spirit, and is not sure about baptism because he is not sure if it's the right time. So he promised to do all he could to receive the answer whether to be baptized or not. (At least on the day we talked about). He said he would read the Book of Mormon more, pray, and FAST and come to church. Well. He didn't come to church this week, and that was super sad. We will meet him again on Tuesday. I can't wait for him to feel the joy of strengthening his relationship with Christ. 

On Sunday, F had us over for lunch. It was amazing, and we also met her son, G. He is 21 and is studying languages. So we got along super well. We ended up talking about the differences between America and Italy, and other things of the sort. He then declared that Napoli is the capital of disorder (title explained). I love their family, because it is like an extension of my family, hahaha. 

A lot of thought went into baptism this week. So I thought I would share a bit about it. The common concern has been brought up to me this week. "Why is it so important to be baptized?" Simply answered, Jesus did it. He did it and he didn't have NEED of a cleansing of sin. He did it to be obedient to the Father. If that example doesn't please you, I would like to put it another way as well, (I do also want to note that Jesus sought out John the Baptist to do this sacred ordinance, because John has the Authority, or Priesthood, to do it). Ok, my answer. The answer is the same as the answer to the question, "Why do we get married?" That just leads to more questions, but I'll just jump into why - because we love someone. When we love someone, we want to give them everything - our hearts, minds, and everything in our power. But that's not it. If it were just that, it wouldn't be love. We want to commit. As with dating someone, if we want to further our relationship, we want to commit, or get married. If we want to further our relationship with our Savior, Jesus Christ, we commit and get baptized. Simply put, without commitment, the relationship between us and our Savior can't progress. Jesus Christ, the only person to come to the Earth and live a perfect life, lived it for you. He was abandoned, betrayed, and felt every single kind of sorrow, pain, affliction. He felt anything you have personally felt. He knows you, and did it for you. He died for you. He did this so you can return to your Heavenly Father, and have eternal joy. He loves you. This is true. I leave this truth in Christ's name. Amen.

I love you all!

Anziano Ridd

PS - I got a beast companion.

Shout out to Anziano Gay who leaves after this week!!

Loving the Napoli pizza!
Anziano Youngblood & lunch 

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