Tuesday, November 15, 2016

We Love Jesus Christ and Follow Him, and Are Here to Teach Repentance and Baptize Converts - 11/14/16

This morning, dropping off Anziano Gay

Hey Family!!!! 

This week we heard about the elections. As missionaries, we have given the response above to like 500 people who wanted to know our opinions about it. Anyways, it was really funny on Tuesday when we got asked about it and we asked in return, "Who won?"

The work this week went pretty well. Kinda like the normal rollercoaster - there were ups and downs. C is gone...he didn't show up to our appointment and he wasn't at church this Sunday, so I guess if he shows up, he does. If not...that's laaammmme. Then we did a bunch of finding this week, and it went well. We found 6 new investigators and a bunch of new contacts, so we hope all goes well with them. Sadly, this week we didn’t have anybody in church, but we hope for next week as we invite all these new investigators.

Interesting happenings this week...Saturday we went Caserta to go to the baptism of E from Togo. He is actually a part of our branch, so we might be doing the new convert lessons with him. His son will probably do those with us and he can see if he wants to be baptized too. That would be great. 
Napoli has so many Nativity scenes for Christmas.
It's super famous.
Anyways, today Anziano Gay "died" (completed his mission and is heading home) and so this week we will be in a trio with Anziano Spencer. So it should be interesting. My tribute to Anziano Gay is that he was a great missionary who gave his all to the work, and in the end saw miracles. I think he is a great example for all of us. 

With Anziano Gay dying, we see that transfers are this week. We will get our calls tonight. I am hoping and thinking I will stay. Anziano Youngblood and I work together really well and are great friends. We will for sure get a new ZL, so that will be at least one change to our District. I am so excited for this next transfer, because we are gonna hit it so hard. Every change in the mission is great because I can change something to become better during those times.

My thought today is that everyone reading this should take a bit of time and read the talk, "If Ye Had Known Me" by Elder Bednar. It is a great talk and a great place to start growing in our relationship with Christ. (Click here to read or listen to this talk). 

We might be going to the catacombs today. We will see!!! I love all of you!

Anziano Ridd          
Rome Italy Mission, after the conference with President Nelson in October
Photo Credit: pickerdsitalyromemission.blogspot.co.uk
President & Sister Nelson, with President & Sister Pickerd
Photo Credit: http://pickerdsitalyromemission.blogspot.co.uk/

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