Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Joy and Miracles - 10/31/16

Hey Family! 

Well, this week was kind of compressed cause of the conferences. But this week was great.

So this week was super sick because “Fb” got baptized. He was so happy and he has such amazing faith. His whole family rejected him because he chose to be baptized, but he knows it's true so he continued in faith. He is probably one of my best friends here in Italy...and we both aren't from Italy. I'll send a ton of photos because he was baptized in the ocean and it was beautiful. All I can say to describe the baptism is that it was joyful. 

Then this Sunday when “Fb” received the Holy Ghost, the Spirit was so strong. And the biggest miracle was that C came to church. He has been found. Let's goooooo! We are so excited for meeting with him this week. 

This week was kind of a slower one; I kinda have been feeling like things are not going as well as they should so I have been taking a hard look to re-evaluate myself. Then I realized that every week I can restart - with the renewal of my baptismal covenants through the Sacrament. As I took the Sacrament this week, I committed to improve ~ to find the things that I can do so that more people can receive the joy of the gospel. They deserve it. They also are sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father, so they also deserve the joy that He is trying to give them through us. I love the gospel, and know that we have modern day prophets in these days. Thanks to them, we receive important guidance. 

Today for Pday we did zone calico (soccer) and it was so fun. Anziano Youngblood is a beast at all sports, so it was awesome. In answer to Mom's question: District meeting is usually every week if we don't have a different conference. So this week I will have it. All is going well with my responsibilities. I am just constantly pushing myself. And I will do a scambio this week. Cool! 

I love all y'all! Keep following Jesus Christ! 

Anziano Ridd

Zone Calcio for Pday today - so fun!
Anziano Ridd with his friend, Fb
Photo credit: Sorella L. Hyde

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