Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Joy of The Truth - 12/12/16

Hey family! 

I hope all is okay this week. I know things might have been a bit more emotionally rocky. I was pretty sad when I heard the news this week about Grandma Lucia passing away, but then I remembered how wonderful she is. She is happier now, and I know she smiles upon us as we make the right decisions in life. I felt peace as I prayed about her. 

This week for the work we seemed a bit stagnant, but at the end of the week we saw some sweet miracles. So J, the son of E, is progressing to baptism right now. He is going to baptized at the end of month! We are excited about that. Then we saw an interesting miracle. When we were at F's house we met a friend of hers named L. He lives in Torino, but he was SO interested in the gospel. He actually took the Book of Mormon out of my hands so he could read it. Then we taught him, he came to church, and we taught him again. So we are sending an amazing referral to Torino. 

And then this weekend we set up like 5 appointments for next week with people with good promise. We can't wait to see if they are ready to receive the restored gospel. And on Sunday I got to do my first baptismal interview. It was for the cutest 11-year old girl. This next Saturday she will be baptized. 

Sad to say that this week had more than one death. This week a member of the branch passed away as well. So on Thursday morning we went to her funeral and were pall bearers. That would be nice, if we didn't have to carry the 200 lb. casket with the 400 lb. woman up the 2 flights of winding stairs. It was scary and difficult...

Anyways I wanted to leave a quick spiritual thought too. This week I read an amazing talk by President Hinckley. It is called "I Believe" and you can find it in the August 1992 Ensign. He talks about 10 of his beliefs. I love a lot of what he says and I wanted to add my 2 cents. I believe in the family as the most important part of society as well. I know that the family can be eternal if we follow the gospel of Jesus Christ - and if the family is strong, the world will prosper. Click here to read this talk. 

I believe in diligence. That everyday we should improve something.  If we do this, we will find joy every day in our lives. And I believe in charity as an ideal and a goal. As President Benson once said of charity: "The pure love of Christ seeks only the eternal growth and joy of others."

I know my family is eternal, and oh what joy does that bring to my soul. 

I love y'all!

Anziano Ridd 
Photo credit: F. Ocampos

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