Monday, January 23, 2017

I Scambi - 1/23/17

Anziano Ridd in Ostia, Italy
Anziano Misa and Anziano Ridd

Hey family! 
This week was really busy. We started the week out with a scambio with Anziano DaPonte and Anziano Stratton. Stratton and I went together and we did some solid finding in a few cool places. One is a big aqueduct park in our area. I love Anziano Stratton; he is a beast and it's cool that he and I have been in the same district since he was born - hahaha. 

After that we immediately went on another scambio with Anziani Perfili and Misa. I went to Ostia with Misa and we shredded it. He is probably one of the most easy-to-like guys ever. He is from Samoa and dresses so dang well...I'll send you a pic of us. 

Then I did a baptismal interview with G from Ostia. He is a beast, and his story is a bit weird. He actually was baptized in the past when he was young, but hasn't been active since then. He met the missionaries and it turns out his records are not there. So he will he baptized again because of this. But he has a good sense of humor and is okay with it. I have never met a more fit guy than that guy! 

We have zone conference tomorrow, so we are super busy! We hope all goes well for that. Then this week there is the world-wide missionary broadcast. It will be so sick (translation: awesome!).

My spiritual thought today is simple. You are given your life. You are in those particular circumstances, and the things you can change are your attitude and what you do. Take what you have - it’s unique - and love it. Love yours, because it's the only one you’ve got. For me, I love my mission, I love my life, and I love that I have ability to choose my attitude toward everything. 

I love y'all. Keep doing cool stuff at home! 

Anz Ridd

PS - We also had a sick zone calcio! (soccer).
We didn't feel the earthquakes, as we were on a shaky bus.
But I saw holes in the ground in Ostia. 

Zone Calcio on Pday

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