Monday, January 30, 2017

Changes and a Baptism! 1/30/17

Our friend SM was thrilled to be baptized! This was the crowning jewel of the week.
L-R: Anziano Ridd, new member SM, and Anziano Allen

Rome West Zone Conference with President and Sister Pickerd

Hey family!!

This week was filled with cool stuff. 

Let's start with the zone conference. That went really solid and we learned a lot from the assistants about inviting people to do things. They liked to use the word "exhort," as they say in the scriptures. President and Sister Pickerd taught us about the Holy Ghost. It went really well and gave us a good spiritual kick-start.

Then we had the world-wide mission conference. We listened to the missionary council. Some of the speakers were Elder Oaks, Elder Anderson, Elder Bednar and Bishop Waddell. They talked about tons of things. Something that stood out the most to me is to teach more repentance. They also talked about how baptismal invites are best given when in the context of the Plan of Salvation. The biggest thing though was that the missionary schedule changed. We now plan in the morning and the day is more changeable, depending on our area. That means from 9-10:30 is more of a free time, but for us here in Italy it's actually dinnertime.

Another big change: P- day is now 2 hours longer. Oh man, that will help :). Also, changes to key indicators! Now there are only 4: baptisms, baptismal dates, investigators in church, and new investigators. That's super nice and will help more people focus on what's important. This also means doing numbers on Sunday night is a lot faster and I only have to stay up till 11:30 doing them instead of later...I will not disclose how late...

Anyways, that was super cool, but the crowning jewel of the week was SM's baptism. I have never seen someone so dang happy to hit the waters of Rome and be baptized. He had the biggest smile and kept laughing his laugh - hahahah. Anyways, all went well and I had the privilege of baptizing him. He was then confirmed Sunday and received the Holy Ghost. It was such an awesome experience!

Today we played football with the zone and it was so sick. AND this week we get to go to Malta and help out by doing a scambio. We are excited!

I love you all. Keep being cool!

Anziano Ridd
Enjoying a delicious meal ~ grazie!

Piazza del Popolo
Football on P-day. It was so sick!

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