Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Il-knisja ta 'Kristu Ġesù tal-qaddisin Tal-aħħar Jiem


Tislijiet minn Malta!!!!  (Translation: Greetings from Malta!!!!)

So this week was insanely awesome. You might guess that by my ability to speak another language. Or...kinda try to. We went to Malta Tuesday morning to do a scambio with the Elders down there. Oh my word, are we blessed to be able to go to that beautiful country! I think I could go on for days praising the people and culture and things, but for the lack of time I'll stop now.

Malta is an awesome island where we have a branch of the church and 4 missionaries (plus a senior couple). When we arrived, I went on a scambio with Anziano Cannon. We had some great success as we found and taught lessons. We taught a new investigator named HP and she was awesome. She wants to come to church. Then we had some cool success doing house (knocking on doors?). We taught a lesson to a mother and son, and it was amazing. We had a member with us (who will be going on a mission soon) and it was interesting. It was half in Maltese and half in English. But the Spirit was there and you could see the happiness in their eyes as we testified of our message.

All in all, the Malta scambio is something I will never forget...so amazing.

Then, right when we got back, we got a surprise! We now have a car!!!!! Well...kinda. It's a shared car between us and the other Roman missionaries. Most of the time we don't need it, but occasionally we need to go far for member appointments and investigators, so it helps out a ton. I gotta admit...driving in Rome is...thrilling to say the least - hahaha.

I'll close with my testimony of the Book of Mormon. I have seen in my mission and know that this is true, that anyone who reads the Book of Mormon every day and tries to apply principles taught in that book will have an improved life. It will always bless and bring joy to anyone that reads it. That is simply because it is true.

I love all y'all!

Anziano Ridd

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