Monday, February 13, 2017

Survived the Transfers - 2/13/17

Mission Leadership Council (MLC) in Rome

Hey fam!

This week was ccccrrraaaaazzzzyyyyy. We had transfers, and here in Rome that means we coordinate/make sure everyone is where they need to be. So because of that, all of Thursday we were at the train station. To add to the craziness, we had a mission leadership council here in Rome with all the ZLs and STLs. So we had a meeting Thursday and Friday for that. In the end it all went well, but I guess I'll say we "survived."

Then this week we found a few new investigators, so that was cool. SM is doing great and we are happy about him. We also have GD who is doing great. So our new converts are doing good. We are really pushing to find an Italian family this transfer. That's is my dream, to find and baptize a whole Italian family!

Anyways - honestly, transfers took up the big part of this week. The leadership council was good and edifying. I am staying in Rome 3 with Anziano Allen for another transfer, and we now have Anziano LaRussa in our house. He is a beast and a wrestler. We have the biggest dudes in the mission in the same house (excluding me...I'm the weak link). So hopefully I'll be inspired by them and improve a lot, hahah.

Zone calcio was today. We SLAYED IT. I think it may have been the best one yet. I got to be reunited with my son, Anziano Youngblood, because he is now in Rome too!!!

Anyways I love all y'all,

Anziano Ridd
Zone Calcio - best one yet!

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