Tuesday, February 21, 2017

P>Pday - 2/20/17

Anziano Ridd - in front of San Giovanni Basilica in Rome 
(Archbasilica of St. John Lateran) 

Climbing the Scala Sancta (The Holy Staircase) on our knees

Anziano Allen & Anziano Ridd

Preparation day > Presidents' Day. Thanks Mama for the Pday puns! ;)

Hey fam,

We did a lot of work this week and learned a ton. So it went well. I'll give a quick rundown.

Like always, the Lord will bless up if we work hard and do His will. So we saw some sick blessings. We taught a few new referrals this week from a less active family and it was super amazing. I love seeing members help their friends to understand the joy of the restored Gospel.

Other than that, Anziano Allen and I did a Zone Leadership Meeting. We trained in the meeting about using our agency to better the work, and having a vision in the mission. Occasionally we get lost in the daily grind, and forget to enjoy what we are really doing. Work is a thing that some people love and some people hate. The trick is our attitude and vision of what we are doing. If we are working only to get paid, or only to put "numbers" down on paper, we will forget quickly. If we are working for a higher goal such as building the kingdom of God, we realize how great and rewarding work can be. It becomes fun and a pleasure. It becomes our desire to do our best, rather than do the minimum. Sometime it takes extra help to change, but we can get that from prayer.

Anyways that's kinda my spiritual thought there as well. For me, when I re-read Alma 5, it always helps me out. (To read Alma 5, click here). 

For some fun stuff...today Anziano Allen and I went to San Giovanni Basilica, aka the Old Vatican. It was super amazing. (Click here or here to learn more about San Giovanni Basilica). They have big statues of the 12 apostles that are just fantastic.  They all have so much detail and allusions to history that it was sick. Then we walked across the street and climbed the sacred steps - on our knees, of course. (They were taken from Jerusalem and supposedly Jesus climbed them while he was carrying the cross) but we didn't have a ton of time so we did it pretty fast...(most people take a long time) and we passed everyone up on the stairs, hahaha (More info on Scala Sancta here). Then we got picked up by a member who is awesome and saw a sick scene of Rome. They work at a prosciutteria  (hamery) so we ate there afterward. It was super cool, and a really fun Pday.

I love Rome and Italy and love y'all as well! Till next time!

Anziano Ridd

Anziano Ridd & Anziano Allen

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