Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Rome Is Now Home - 1/2/17

Buon anno famiglia!!! 

I hope y'all had a great new year, because mine passed quite well. This week was one of the most eventful in my mission. 

I'll start with Monday. So, on Monday we received our transfer calls and once again I got a huge surprise. I thought I would be moving, but I figured it would be to a smaller city. Nope, I got called to serve in the Rome 3 area. It's a super cool area and I love it so far. Furthermore, I have a new assignment. I’m no longer a district leader; I am now a zone leader with Anziano Allen over the Rome west zone. 

I was so excited. That's to say the least. Not only was I going to Rome, but I get to serve with Anziano Allen. He is super cool, and is in his 10th transfer. He served in Napoli right before I came in and was in my zone for a while. We are already good friends. Anz Allen is from Logan, Utah and he was a linebacker. Besides that, Anziano Stratton from my district here will come with me and be in the other companionship that shares a house. 

The new area is kinda the bottom part of Rome and then a ton below Rome. My zone is the districts of Rome 3, Rome 1, Ladispoli/Ostia and Malta. So this transfer we may go to Malta to do a scambio. I think I'd like that very much. I am so excited to be here and serve. 

On Wednesday, EV baptized his son J. It was super awesome and the branch showed up to support them. The baptism went a little awry even though we practiced it with them a few times...EV accidentally bonked the snot out of J on a metal bar while was baptizing, so it was done twice. The good thing is, no matter how many times it takes, when it's done right it is valid in God's eyes. I am pleased that EV is a worthy priesthood holder to baptize his son. Also, I woke up pretty sick that morning, so that night I was pretty tired and pretty much downed all the Airborne. The next few days I was sick, but I recovered a ton during them. 

Anyway, I took a train and said goodbye to both Anziano Youngblood and Napoli on Friday. That night I got settled in Rome and the next day was New Year's Eve. It was super awesome, because that day we cleaned the whole house and then Anziano Allen and I ran a 5k called "We Run Rome." It was one of the coolest things because we got to run around some of the awesome sights here. That night we were cleaning at our house, and there were fireworks everywhere. It was a solid day. 

Sunday was also super cool. I got to meet the ward, and they seem super awesome. We ate a cool member's house and Anziano Allen and I planned for our zone. We are so excited for this transfer. It will be one to remember and we are ready to see tons of success in ROME!!!!

I love you all and am so grateful for the support! 2017 will be a super sick (awesome) year...my year of being in Italy for 100% of the time. I'm super excited for it. 

Anziano Ridd

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