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HUMP DAY?! 3/13/17

Celebrating the 25th wedding anniversary of a couple in the ward with their family
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Rome West Zone Conference
Hey Family,

This week was one of the busiest weeks ever. It was full of logistics, scambi and ZONE CONFERENCE. 

So Anziano Burgos was with us for the beginning of the week, because his companion left to get his permesso. Then we were invited to go to the anniversary of a family from our ward. They took us to eat Filipino food with them and were celebrating 25 years of marriage together! That was super fun.

Then we had the Maltese anziani come in. We had to do some improvisation with them, because instead of the scambio that was planned, I ended up taking one companionship. Anziano Allen took the other, so we were in 2 trios. We had the opportunity to teach the family we found last week. This time it was the whole family - Mc, M, Gi (20) and Gb (16). They are the best! They love the message of the Restoration and we have high hopes for them progressing. Sadly, they didn’t come to church, but that’s because M wasn't feeling well. (She has been ill). So - hopefully next week. THIS WAS THE FIRST TIME I TAUGHT A WHOLE FAMILY OF ITALIANS. THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL AND GREAT! They look like they are Mormons and the Spirit is there....:P

Continuing forward, we had Zone Conference on Friday. That went crazy, hahaha. There were some last minute technology problems and we had to improvise. Sadly, it came down to it and there was a time crunch, so Anziano Allen and I only got to give the first half of the training we prepared. That's sad, but we taught some important principles of following up. In the end, it went well enough and I just hope to see improvement in the zone from it. 

Saturday was cool cause we met with a guy named MN, who is in the Carabiniere, which is like…military police. We taught him and his girlfriend (she's also in the Carabiniere) the Restoration and it went really well. We expect to see them again soon. Sunday was okay, O came to church again. He is getting close to baptism, and said "I will follow the rules!" when we taught him about the commandments like the Word of Wisdom. He is a beast. Sadly, no other investigators came. 

Today should be fun. We plan on doing a Zone Pday at the Colosseum. I can't wait. That and the Roman Forum are two things I have wanted to see for forever!

Anyways, I love you all! I can't believe my year mark is this Thursday. Time flies when you’re having fun. 

Anziano Ridd

Wow.... I can't believe this week is my 1-year mark. Strange.

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