Tuesday, March 21, 2017


For my Hump Day (half-way mark on the mission/1-year of missionary service), I went and took my picture 
in front of some camels. There was a circus in the town, so that was cool.

The R Family and the Anziani

Ok fellas, I did a year.

First things first. I attended a Catholic funeral. Sadly, a member's mother passed away, so we went to the funeral to support him. Well I kinda feel bad for that poor priest...because the people who were at that mass were all Mormon except for one. All I gotta say is....wow, I understand why some people might not like going to church...that mass was pretty boring. I just am so thankful for the talks we get in church every Sunday that bring the Spirit and edify.

Going forward, this week we couldn't meet with a lot of our investigators for many reasons. But hopefully next week we will. We did meet with many potentials...sadly, we didn't pick many up as investigators. But hey, that's how things work.

So then other than those things, this week I was studying the last bit of John, and I love the last chapter. It reminds me - as I hit the second half of my mission - that I came for a simple reason. Just like Jesus reminded the apostles, "If ye love me, feed my sheep." (John 21:16-17). This simple concept and desire to follow my Savior drives me as I serve the people of Rome with all I can. I know Jesus Christ loves all of us, and even though He sacrificed all for all of us, he would have done it even just for you alone.

Thank you all for the emails for hump day! Especially my mother, she is the best ;). I had fun celebrating with the camels. I can't wait to shred it for the next year here in Italy.

I love you all!

Anziano Ridd

Hump Day package from home!

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