Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Rustling Them Jimmies - 7/17/17

Anziano Boscán and I being Italian

Anziano Boscán & his BYU Cougarette friend
Hey family!

This week was legit. We did a lot of preaching repentance.

We met with a good few of our investigators, and it was great to see their changes as they are coming to Christ. Especially PL -  sometimes you can just see the Spirit touch him and change him mid-lesson.

Then this week we also got to do a scambio with the Assistants. I went with Anziano Friedman, who is from Dallas. He is a stud, and a hard worker. We ended the scambio all getting "all you can eat wings" together at an American restaurant. #regret. I gotta say - the second half of that day I felt terrible. I hate overeating...

On Sunday we had a ton of tourists, as usual, but this time it was kind of interesting because we had all the BYU Cougarettes (BYU's college dance team). To add to the mixture, Anziano Boscán totally knew some from high school. But the gem of Sunday was that I was the keynote speaker. I talked for about 18 minutes about missionary work, and if I can say so myself, it was a humbling experience...for the ward. I called a lot of repentance, so to speak. In the end, the ward loved it, because they heard what they needed to hear.

Today we played another zone calcio. Here in Rome, that's the thing to do. It was really dang fun and I gotta admit, I can't get enough of sports.

I love you all. Stay good!

Anziano Ridd

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