Monday, September 4, 2017

Goodbye Sisters!!!

The castle in Ortona
Hey family!

Today was the last day in Italy for my sisters (MTC group). That means that it's been 1 1/2 years since the MTC. Sometimes it's crazy to see how far we have come.

This week was cool. We taught a good amount and have been always doing work. I went on a scambio with Anziano Mayer this week. He is a stud from Missouri. We enjoyed our time together and the opportunity we had to work.

Today, for Pday, we went to a little town called Ortona. It was pretty dang awesome and we saw the castle there. It also has the church where the apostle Thomas was buried. So I'll attach a bunch of sweet pictures so y'all can see what I have been up to.

We taught the plan of salvation this week. I always had liked to divide the lesson up into three parts: Where did we come from, Why we are here, and Where we are going. Logical right? Anyways, this week I have been feeling that the plan of salvation can be taught in a different way. So this week, we taught the plan of salvation completely centered on Jesus Christ and his purpose. I learned a lot from it and it was very effective. One thing I learned is that many people don't know why Jesus Christ is our Savior. In fact, a lot of people don't know why we have need of a Savior. So, take some time this week and think - why do you have need of Jesus Christ? What did He do for you? I know that He saved us from inevitable death - of the physical and spiritual sort - and through Him we receive the strength to change and progress. Only through Him can we receive the power to overcome these things.

I love you guys! Have a great week!

Anziano Ridd

PS – Shout out to my amazing parents who have their anniversary this week!

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