Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Modest is Hottest - 9/11/17

The church near our house
Hey fam!

Wow, these weeks go by pretty quick. This week was pretty awesome and full of success. Let's look forward a bit. MK gets home this Friday from Rome, where the other missionaries were teaching him, and is excited for his baptism the week afterward! This next Sunday is our last in the old chapel, and then we go to the new chapel.

This week we met with some great investigators, and even gave a few some baptismal dates. LA and KE are two guys from Africa who are making great progress toward Jesus Christ and membership in his church. They came to church and loved it too. We have a bunch of other investigators who are progressing well. We also gave a bunch of our
investigators to the sisters, because they are girls and they can teach them better than we can. :)

This week I was asked to give a talk. Often this happens and they just assume I'll talk about missionary work, but this time I was given an assignment to speak on MODESTY! So yeah...I talked about modesty while the other talks were about the Book of Mormon...I'm a little bit confused still, but - go modesty!

A sick miracle happened this week. AR, an investigator from the Philippines, moved into Pescara so it's now way easier to meet and come to church! It's so awesome, because he is searching hard for the truth.

That's all for this week! Love y'all!

Anziano Ridd

Below are some additional photos from last week - Ortona, the castle, and the church we vistited on Pday.

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