Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Don't Play With Your Fufood - 9/25/17

Scambio in Ascoli Piceno
Anziano Ridd with his friend, L

Fufu, with soup on side

Hey Family!

This week was exciting with the opening of the first church building in Pescara.

Our awesome investigators made some good progress this week. One awesome thing that happened is L, the footballer from Liberia, totally did a five day fast to get his answer if the church is true. He is now running down the path to baptism.

Also the opening of the church happened this week. It was amazing. The members in this area have been faithful for so long and worked very hard, and are now seeing some of the fruit of the labor. With the opening, we had the full stake presidency there and also President Pickerd. Then we had a ton of investigators and non-members from the area show up. The chapel was full, and it was a great sight. Pescara sta crescendo!!

A highlight I had is that IG and B showed up. B looked like a Laurel, hahahah. She and IG stayed all 3 hours and loved it. The other youth were awesome in friendshipping them. All in all, it was a very wonderful and historical moment in Pescara.

This upcoming week is General Conference. It will be super cool, because right before, we have a zone conference. So I'm getting ready for some spiritual TNT. Go listen to the prophets speak this weekend!! Click here to listen or watch inspiring talks from General Conference, held this Saturday, 9/30 & Sunday, 10/1.

And finally, Sunday night we ended with fufu night with A, L, and F. For those who are not educated in African cuisine, fufu is a very famous African dish that consists of fufu (a dough made from pounded yam) and soup (depends on the style). We had okra soup and fufu made by the wonderful chef, F. It was delicious and an extremely interesting experience. I recommend it, if you ever get the chance.

Love you all!
Anziano Ridd
 Awesome full double rainbow

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