Monday, October 16, 2017

Pescara’s Got Talent (and Baptisms) - 10/16/17

Anziano Ridd & Anziano McConkie with their good friend
Pescara missionaries with President Pickerd, at the first meetings of the new chapel
in Pescara a few weekends ago.
Photo credit: Pickerd's Italy Rome Mission blog

Hey family!

This week was pretty dang great. Besides seeing success in teaching a few new families, there were some awesome experiences I want to share. 

First thing, tonight is transfer calls, so this week I may leave or my dear son and life-long friend, Anziano McConkie, may leave. Either way, I most likely will have a new companion next week. Sad.

Then J, one of the sisters' investigators, was baptized! So we got the chance to witness that and congratulate her on following Jesus Christ. And right after, K passed his interview for baptism and next weekend he will also be making promises with God. We all are excited!

Following the baptism of J, we had a ward talent show. It was magnificent. Let’s just say that after every talent show, I feel so much love for the members and happiness to serve with them. They are so talented. 

So as an appetizer to our mission conference this week with Elder Ballard, he did a broadcast for the whole European area Sunday night, which was awesome. He is an apostle of Jesus Christ. Anyways, I wanted to share a bit from what he said because I loved it. 

Elder Ballard invited us to heed Jesus Christ’s advice to Joseph Smith to “be still and know that I am God.” (Doctrine and Covenants 101:16; see also Psalm 46:10). With that, he shared an experience he had when he sought to follow the will of God and was led to ask a blessing upon the land of Ethiopia. Because of that, the drought that was in the land was broken, and every day he was in Ethiopia it rained. He goes on to say that this had nothing to do to him; it had to do with his willingness to seek the will of God and believe in miracles. He then said something that I have realized here in the mission: The greatest miracle is the miracle of accepting the gospel of Jesus Christ. I realized that if we seek the will of God, He will always lead us to people who are ready to accept His word, and we will see the miracles in their lives. I hope we all choose to help someone accept the gospel this week, and help bring a fullness of joy into our lives and theirs. 

I love you all a ton! Believe in miracles, and take time to know the Lord and his will.

Anziano Ridd

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