Monday, November 13, 2017

Huntsman and Ridd, Still Working Together. 11/13/17

Perugia City in the clouds
Anziano Huntsman and me
Hey guys, it’s been another good week in Perugia,

This week was full, and we some some solid success. Especially with single women. Weird. 

Starting off the week at a good pace, Anziano Huntsman and I did a scambio here in Perugia. For those who don’t know, Anziano Huntsman and I are from the same home ward in The Woodlands, and we are good friends. To say the least, we were thrilled to get the opportunity to work together. Huntsmans and Ridds seems to work naturally well together, as we saw a bunch of success. And one can now assume that rings true whether it is in business or teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

The reference at the beginning to single ladies was a reference to our amazing two new investigators. Both of which were clearly prepared by God to receive us. There is RL, who is pretty young. She was super interested when we taught someone the Restoration on a bus, and wanted to know more. Then we have EL. She is sooo nice and friendly. She wanted to know if we could teach her private English lessons and we said we could - if we also teach the gospel. She said yes, and it turns out that her English is nearly perfect and she is more interested in the gospel. We are excited to continue teaching her. 

If that wasn’t cool enough, we have a couple sweet miracles of the weekend. Both have to due with some of my favorite people in Italy, G and C. First, C had a dream that her grandmother approved of the Mormons, and she is now making steps to follow the Word of Wisdom; and second, they both drove from Perugia to Roma (2 hours) to come to Stake Conference. There they met tons of their member friends, along with the stake patriarch, President Pickerd, and the full stake presidency. It was a fellowshipping miracle and they were the only 2 people from Perugia there. Go and fellowship someone this week. I’m sure if you ask the missionaries, they can put you to work. 

Missionary life is the best. Have a great week!

Anziano Ridd
Anziano Osmond and me at the Rome Temple

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