Wednesday, November 1, 2017

One For the Books - 10/30/17

Hey fam!

This week was crazy, but next week will be crazier, I’m positive of it. I got to meet a ton of sick investigators that we have, and even found some in the process. In the madness of it we also had a sweet District Meeting, which felt really good because I got the whole district involved in it. I love being a District Leader with so many great missionaries here. I’ll give a quick overview of who we have. There is my companionship; then we have Anziani Osmond and Allred of Perugia B; the Zone Leaders in Terni - Anziani Farinotti and Daniels; Terni B - Anziani Bentley and Huntsman; and the SISTERS OF TERNI who just opened the area to Sisters - Sorella Taylor and Worth. All amazing missionaries. 

This week I got the amazing opportunity to meet with the R family, the F family, and G and C! The R family is a member family. Their daughter served a mission and is so cool. Right now we have been discussing the importance of faith with them.

The F family is one of the coolest Italian families I’ve met. They are investigating and in their family there are A, M, An, L, and J. They are super awesome and love to talk about Jesus. They live in Assisi, a city nearby which is famous because it is stunning. I’ll send some pics. Hopefully we can help them to get closer to Christ through the baptismal covenant. 

Oh boy, G and C. They are probably two of my favorite people on the planet. I met them about a month ago while on a scambio in Ascoli. They are almost completely converted already to the gospel. They are both lawyers and are so smart. I think I have never met two people more cultured than this couple. History: they know it; Art: they know it; Law: they know it; Science: they know it. Just completely fantastic. We hope to be able see them coming closer to Christ through the baptismal covenant as soon as the new Terni chapel opens!

Ok, I’ll let you in on some crazy. So this week, I’m going to get my new Greenie. Anziano Wijesundera is gonna go home and do his darndest to help his whole family accept the gospel (along with his army of friends that he left there). My new companion is Anziano Hughes, whom I don’t know yet, but will meet tomorrow. This means I have the largest posterity in the mission (in the sense of number of people trained by an Elder... crazy, right?). President just loves to mess with me, hahahha. The third son!

This week also will be the “mission tour,” which is sort of like a mission conference, except Sicily gets left out, hahha. So we have a sweet (Norwegian?) Seventy who will come and instruct us. That means I’ll have a full “Ridd family missionary tree” picture for next week. Get hype! And I get to see all my companions in the mission, hahaha. 

So this will be crazy! I am so excited to turn Perugia into a branch! President Pickerd and I have been working together a lot to make it happen and make it structured here. #makeperugiagreat

Love you all, 
Anziano Ridd

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