Monday, December 18, 2017

Another Week, Another Italian Church Opened - 12/18/17

Anziano Ridd (left) and Anziano Hughes (right), with friends C & G

This week was super solid. It stated with the fact that we met with quite a few new investigators and less actives. 

We have a cool new investigator named WL. He is Peruvian and pretty excited to learn about the Book of Mormon. We will hopefully meet him again this week. 

Then we had some more fun and eventful parts, like on Saturday night. We finally got an appointment with an inactive member on Saturday. He invited us to go to a Christmas party that he was invited to. We said yes, and later that night an entourage of 5 cars came by our house. We were instructed to enter the Porsche Cayenne S in the front. We did gladly, and they proceeded to take us to one of the biggest Italian houses I have been to. It was filled with evangelical Christians and all together we sang songs about Christmas, made friends, and read scriptures. Anyways, it ended up being great, and we made a lot of cool contacts. Also, we met A (who is the less active member) and made an appointment to meet with him this week. 

On Sunday morning, we came to Terni and participated in the opening day of the Terni church building. It’s super nice and pretty much American. Anyways, it was wonderful to go and bring all the investigators to see where they will be baptized. We then had an open house at the end and it was a big success. We had nonmembers, less actives, and inactives come. I love these people.

Spiritual thought: The most happiness in our lives comes from our relationships with people. 

Love you all! 
Anziano Ridd

PS - Shout-out to Riley Dunkley who is awesome and just got called on a mission to Paris, France!

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