Monday, December 11, 2017

Perugia Gold - 12/11/17

Hey Guys!

This week was alright. Perugia is on fire and on the way to becoming a branch!!!

So I’ll hit the highlights. 

This week we have done great work here in Perugia keeping our great active members involved and making the inactive become more active. We had 2 priesthood holders in church that are now becoming active. 

As for that, we are doing very well. The members here are super awesome. Also our work has been okay. Despite difficulty of finding more investigators, we have nice investigators. They are mostly all progressing toward baptism and conversion. The big highlight for the week is that my good friends Anziani Osmond and Allred found gold. He is named SM. 

SM is like...18 years old and he is living on his own because he wants to be more independent as he grows up. He is super awesome and nice, and was interested when they invited him to come to English course. He speaks English perfectly and loves to learn. When he came, he soon learned about our church and was interested as he didn’t practice much of anything recently for religion. He looked up a ton of info on the church and studied it out himself. The last Sunday, he came to church on his own. Then during this week, the other Anziani met with him and he knew all of the lessons already. He totally understood everything, and was excited to accept a baptismal date in early January. He told us he always thought he was weird for having standards in high school, but now he knows that God guided him the whole time. He is so smart and fun. 

The Lord knows us perfectly. He also will guide us if we let him. He puts us in the lives of others to help them. Look around every once in awhile and try to figure out what God wants you to learn from or do to help those around you, and you will feel a higher purpose in life. I know it will also bring a lot more happiness as well. 

I love you all! Have a great week!

Anziano Ridd 

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