Monday, December 4, 2017

When We Accept That We Don’t Know, We Learn. If Not, We Never Progress - 12/4/17

Perugia, che bella sei tu!
Our Christmas tree
Hey Family,

So on Monday night we received our transfer calls. Not too much commotion here, all of us in Perugia are staying for another transfer. As for Terni, we still have the same sisters and Anziani Daniels and Huntsman, but we got Anziani Jensen and Becker. Pretty cool stuff, and I think we figured these changes would happen. 

With that out of the way, this week was interesting. I enjoyed a lot of it, but sadly many of our appointments fell through. That opened up our opportunity to start up our casa a casa (door to door) here. Hopefully this next week we will be able to meet with these people. 

We worked with Sorella P again this week. She is great, because she knows to ask us when she doesn’t know something. This week she told us, as we taught the Restoration, that she wants to understand scriptures more. So we taught her according to her needs. It was fun, and she is continuing to progress. 

Then on Sunday we had SN in church, along our new elder in the church. His name is BT, and he has been a member since 1999 in Nigeria. He is sweet. So that should help the church a ton. SN is on fire right now, and he is getting us new referrals and is doing all he can to serve others for the “Sii una Luce.” 

Anyways my small thought for the week is that we need to be humble. If we think we know something, we won’t search to know more. But if we are always questioning things, and if we are always humble, our progress is unlimited. I know that it’s been true for me here in the mission. Even when I have done something well 1000 times and it seems to work well, if I am humble and ask, “Is there a better way?” I can always find the answer is yes. Go search for the best way to do everything, especially in doing things for others. In doing so, our growth is unlimited. 

I love you all!

Anziano Ridd
My French toast this morning

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